Five suggested gifts for your wedding planner. Image shows someone handing off a wrapped gift to someone else.

A wedding planner goes through the trenches for you and experiences every up and down for your wedding planning process. What’s the best way to show your appreciation, you ask? Well, I have some gift tips and guidelines that you can’t go wrong with!

I often get asked the question “Am I supposed to tip my wedding vendors?”; and for many vendors, this is a hard YES. However, when it comes to tipping your wedding planner, this is often a gray area. If you search “proper tipping for a wedding planner”, most sources conclude it is not expected but a 10-15% tip is considered generous for their acts of service. Personally, as a wedding planner myself, I don’t expect a tip after every event, however, a gesture of gratitude sure does give me the warm fuzzies! No matter how big or small, the thought goes a LONG way! Here are a few of my favorite gifts and why they mean so much. 

Wedding planner Gift One|Massage Gift Card:

Wedding planning hangovers are a real thing! Not from drinking any alcohol of course, but the pure exhaustion caused by exerting so much mental & physical energy can feel like a hangover! There is nothing that sounds better than booking a massage after a big event to have some relaxation and me time. What this gift says to me is, “We know you worked your ass off and you deserve to be pampered!”. As a wedding planner, I spend so much of my time looking after other’s needs and checking off their checklists; so when I receive a gift like this, I feel so appreciated because someone took the time to think about me! If you just happen to need the contact info for my go-to masseuse, Click Here

Wedding planner Gift Two|Pedicure Gift Card:

Similarly, a pedicure gift card is equally appreciated! The wedding planner is at the event from start to finish. This usually means a 12-16 hour workday… on our feet, movin’ & groovin’! You better believe a hot foot soak and calf massage sounds pretty damn nice after that. Again, this gift is a gesture that says “We know you worked so hard for us, it’s now your turn to be pampered.”.  

Wedding planner Gift Three|A Night Out:

Like most, I also love being wined & dined! However, there isn’t a ton of time for that in the midst of a busy wedding season. That means I have many weekend dates to make up with my husband when the season wraps up. With that said, a gift card to a favorite restaurant is an amazing “thank you” present. This season I was given a $200 gift card to a nice restaurant downtown.  Even though I didn’t use it right away, it was a perfect celebratory dinner to cheers to the end of a successful wedding season with my hubby! Out of the ordinary date-nights are also fun options and something we love; it could be a cooking class, tickets to a play, a night at a hotel for a mini staycation, an escape room, wine tasting reservations…I think you get my point!

Wedding planner Gift Four|COFFEE, anything coffee:

Adulting is hard, and I’m certainly one that can’t function without some coffee. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me going through the day! Who can relate? I almost always pick up an order for myself and my team on a wedding day. I also often hold client meetings at coffee shops, and even will sometimes make a cozy coffee house corner my office for the day. A gift card to any kind of coffee shop or even coffee beans is always greatly appreciated. It’s possible your particular wedding planner isn’t a coffee fan, but prefers yoga or running to start their day. A gift card to a yoga shop or running store would be so appreciated and personal. Use the information you have about your planner that you already know to choose a thoughtful gift! 

Wedding planner Gift Five|Thank You’s and Reviews:

While all the gifts I listed above hold monetary value, never underestimate how far a sincere “thank you” card can go. A note expressing your gratitude for ALL the hard work your wedding planner has done not only feels good to them but it’s also a direct benefit for their overall business. Take it a step further and write a Google review, which really helps their business grow! If you can put this into words, it really means the world to us. At the end of the day, our satisfaction comes from knowing you truly enjoyed your wedding day and appreciated the planning process being stress-free & enjoyable.

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