Relive the butterflies you felt on your wedding day by preserving your vow’s in a vow book. This is something I did with my husband and certainly suggest it for every couple I work with. Let me tell you why!

Have you attended a wedding where the bride or groom pulls out a piece of computer paper that’s been folded 10 times over, it’s making crinkle sounds, and it looks awful & out of place up at the alter surrounded by so many other beautiful things? If this is something you’re wanting to avoid for your wedding, then vow books may be your answer! I for one knew I didn’t want that! I wanted cute, clean & aesthetically pleasing vow exchanges. I’ve also always been driven by creative details, with an emphasis on the details part! Vow books are an adorable detail that can be a beautiful addition to the design aesthetic of your wedding while also preserving those special words for years to come. I am so thankful we used them because our books have been kept through the years, and we know exactly where they are. My husband and I have made a tradition; every anniversary we open a bottle of wine and re-read our wedding vows to each other. After that, we go through our wedding photos and reflect back on the best day of our lives.  It’s so sentimental & special, and I look forward to it every year!

Flat lay image of details of a wedding by Ivory and Sage Events. His and Hers vow books. Idaho Wedding Planner.
Vow Books from My Wedding

Not publicly exchanging vows?

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking “We’re not exchanging vows during our ceremony, so we don’t need vow books”. WRONG! Just because you’re not publicly stating commitments during the ceremony, doesn’t mean you can’t share your promises to each other during a first look. Most of the time, your photographer will be capturing this moment. Because of this, you’re going to want those cute booklets over a scrappy piece of paper! Don’t worry, you can thank me later. Alright so maybe you’re not doing a first look or planning to read vows during the ceremony? A sweet love note can still be delivered to your fiance on the wedding day. This doesn’t have to be vows or commitments. Perhaps you’d prefer to write some of your favorite memories or reasons why you love the person you’re about to marry. Imagine the anticipation this would bring and how excited (even more excited!) you’d be to walk down the aisle to your Hunny! 

Let’s talk more about how vow books can add to the aesthetic of your wedding details. More than likely, your photographer will ask for your personal items to capture the “detail shots”. This usually includes your wedding stationery, rings, garter, jewelry, cufflinks, tie, shoes, veil, and any other personal items you decide to include in your day. Vow books are becoming a more common item to also incorporate into these detail shots! So with this in mind, you want to purchase ones that match the vibe of your day.

Flat lay image of details from a styled shoot by Ivory and Sage Events. His and Hers vow books. Idaho Wedding Planner
Styled Shoot by Ivory and Sage Events

Maybe you’re interested in writing vows but where to start? I’d recommend starting with how you guys met and reflect on the feelings you had during your first couple of dates. Nostalgia always gets emotions going! From here, share some of your favorite memories or qualities you love most about your significant other. You can make them playful and funny or serious and heartfelt, or a mix of both! Then, go on to state your vows or promises. Again, these don’t have to be super serious. If the relationship you share is more free-spirited, let your vows reflect that! For example, one of my vows was “I promise to love you even when you leave all your dirty clothes inside out or when you leave dishes in the sink, right after I’ve washed them.” Yes, my husband continues to do these things but I still love him! 

I can tell you’re starting to like the idea of vow books, aren’t you?! Now you know how to incorporate them. Whether this means during your ceremony, a first look, or just a love note to your significant other. I’m here to remind you no matter how these words and promises are delivered, they’re meant for you and your significant other only! Oftentimes couples opt-out of vows because they feel insecure about their writing abilities or get nervous to read in front of a crowd. I get it! But at the end of the day remember the purpose behind vows: you’re making commitments to someone you love most in this world and they are not there to judge you. Who the hell cares what other people think!

If you’re sold on the idea of vow books but are clueless on where to get them, have no fear, I’m here to help! If you want to go the easy, basic route Amazon is your place. Click here, they have a great selection! Or, if you’d like to get a little more personalized, Etsy is another great option. Here you can add names, dates, locations, and more. Another suggestion I have would be to add the vow books to your bridal shower registry! This is something you can buy yourself but it’s also a great gift and a great item to put on your bridal shower registry.

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