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What’s the secret to a successful wedding planner’s wardrobe you ask? One word: authenticity.

When it comes to style and wardrobe as a wedding professional I feel it’s important to stay true to yourself while also maintaining a level of professionalism with your looks. Not to mention, your eye for fashion oftentimes can be a direct representation of your taste in wedding design. Being authentic to yourself through your wardrobe will attract people with similar taste, ultimately putting you in the path of couples you’ll easily make genuine connections with.

You can’t make a first impression twice

Impressions are everything. You’ve heard that one before, haven’t you? For real though, I love my PJ’s and workout clothes just as much as anyone else but when meeting with couples, or even other vendors, I want to put my best foot forward. It’s wise to figure out what “putting your best foot forward” means to you. For example, if you are a more relaxed person, try to convey that in your style without just showing up in a hoodie and leggings. I personally have different go-tos depending on the season; summer usually consists of dresses, jumpers, and heeled booties or mules; in winter I tend to gravitate towards jeans, chunky sweaters and boots. No matter what the season, another outfit staple of mine is a hat. Anyone who personally knows me, knows I’m a sucker for them. They are the perfect outfit completion and also a great way to go another day without washing my hair! lol 

I hope you like black

As a wedding professional, your wedding day attire will likely consist of two different outfits. During the day you want to be comfortable and professional while running around and being the boss bitch you know you are. A go-to look for me is a nice crisp black shirt or tank and a comfortable, movable pair of jeans. I know what you’re thinking. Boring. That’s what I thought! I love fashion and using it to express myself so even I saw myself fighting against the rule of black. Yet there is just something about wearing black that screams “I’m a wedding vendor and I get shit done!” With that being said, you simply need to choose some staple pieces you love and look for them in black. Another wonderful, but not mandatory, suggestion would be wearing branded t-shirts. This creates immediate awareness for your wedding business and is certain to convey professionalism. Last but not least, and arguably most important, bring YOURSELF with all these looks and be sure that you feel truly proud to have your outfit be a representation of your brand and ultimately your work.

Fashion, Function, and Black

About an hour before the ceremony I find a moment to sneak away and change into a formal evening look. Three rules of thumb for my outfits are fashion, function, and black. To me, it’s important to feel cute, and be able to move around herding bridal parties and doing various tasks with ease. Continuing to wear black creates a seamless transition from your day look. It’s also the best way to look like the person in charge while not standing out too much; the focus should be on the bride and groom, after all. My favorite pieces are jumpers, high-waisted gaucho pants paired with a blouse, or a knee-length dress. Now, let’s talk about shoes. They’re going to go through a lot and should be chosen with that in mind. You may be walking through anything from dirt, grass, rocks, or mud depending on the venue location. For me, it’s a cute reliable boot that is easily whipped clean. To finish off my look I add a black fanny pack. Not only are they fully back in style, but extremely useful as well! Oftentimes your outfit won’t have reliable pockets; a fanny pack replaces pockets and more! A peek into my pack would consist of my phone, chapstick, gum, mints, a pen, spare bobby pins, hair ties, and a mini torch lighter. This will ensure that you are ready for anything that comes your way!

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Whatever the occasion is; first time meeting, wedding day set-up, or the night of an event, just remember the bride and her groom are the stars of the show! So with this in mind, be sure your outfit choices aren’t distracting, especially on the wedding day. It’s highly likely that you end up in the occasional background photo or a section of the wedding video. Don’t forget this is where that rule of black will have your back.

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